Welcome traveler.. You come seeking help with houses for the kingdom of the winds? Well just let me know what I can help you with.

Select a town to find a plot in:

If you need to find a new house this area will help you find an available plot in of the villages in the kingdoms of Nexus. Once you have an available plot number you will be able to request to rent that house from the merchant controlling that town. Just let me know which plot you want help with.

      Kangnung      Tok-Do      Chunchon
      Masan      Naju      Kunsan
      Onyang      Kimchon      Kyongju

Or you can use the graphical interface to find your town. Please note the map images are large in size, and this is only recommended for people with fast connections.

Change the interior of your house:

Or do you already have a plot? If so can I interest you in the ability to customize it? The workers of these towns are extremely skilled, and can redesign your house for you very easily. We have a selection of interiors you can use. Which one you can use depends on the size of land you rent. You can only choose a design that is the same size as the plot you rent. What size plot do you currently have?