I have several medium designs that you can pick from. Click on the images to get a full size view. Once you have found one you like take down its code and let your inn assistant know. They will set everything up for you, and notify you when it is ready.

Code: 0201 - "Miners Delight"

Designer: Dok-Sin

Dok-Sins' father was a miner who would often come home with special rocks for his son to examine. It is believed this room is a tribute to his father, although Dok-Sin himself has never said so. You are sure to find enough room for whatever takes your fancy in this room. Open spaces all around, and a small separate area for the bedroom.

Code: 0202 - "Muddy Banks"

Designer: Altree

In a contempary style the fabled mystical waters are brought to your home. These waters are rumored to have healing and calming qualities. A night spent in this room is sure to leave you rested and refreshed.

Code: 0203 - "Geometry"

Designer: Dok-Sin

Considered to be one of Dok-Sin's best works, the floor of this room is hand carved out of the finest granite in the kingdoms. The room took over 6 Yuri's to complete, the floor alone taking up 3 of them. His trademark stone statues can be seen adorning the room.

Code: 0204 - "Amazing Nature"

Designer: Altree

One of Altrees' more eccentric designs. Upon completing this room Altree was overheard saying "When I see the intricate design of this room, I am reminded of the intricate beauty that abounds in Nature". You can be sure of a restful nights sleep here. With the sound of water nearby you will be dreaming peacefully before you know it.

Code: 0205 - "Chiseled Beauty"

Designer: Dok-Sin

Reminiscent of one of the many caves he explored as a child. He masterfully combines the roughness of the rock with the comfort come to be expected by the patrons of these lands. With open spaces, and even your own ritual circle, this room is sure to have everything you will need.

Code: 0206 - "Party Room"

Designer: Releen

With a party atmosphere this room is sure to please. Plenty of room for ballroom dancing, exercising, or practicing your hunting moves. You can even take a dip in the ocean! Be careful though, don't go out where the water is too deep.

Code: 0207 - "Royal Suite"

Designer: Filnoos

The rich design and weave of the floor covering took a team of weavers more then a year to complete. The lamps have hand-blown glass shades and make a wonderful accent to the hand carved inlaid wood tables. The room is for the discerning owner whose tastes are for the finer things in life.

Code: 0208 - "Floral Fields"

Designer: Altree

Sleep silently among the sweet scent of flowers. Reminiscent of times of old, this room brings a view from the past to life. Marvel at the variety of blooms, while living comfortably in luxury.

Code: 0209 - "Filnoos' Finest"

Designer: Filnoos

A room fit for royalty. With its ample space and quirky geometric designs, this room is one that you will enjoy for yuri's to come. Invite your guests over for a quiet evening talking about adventures you've had, and adventures yet to come.

Code: 0210 - "Love's Sanctuary"

Desinger: Releen

With a mixture of rose coloured marble, peach limestone and pink granite, Releen has designed a room that is sure to inspire the romantic in all of us. With a small dining/entertaining area and a large open floor, this could be the place to hold your next get together with friends.

Code: 0211 - "Restful Grove"

Designer: Altree

Sure to bring out the nature lover within all of us, this room will bring you peace and tranquility. Fall asleep listening to the gentle trickle of the large stone fountain, and dream blissfully upon a soft bed of grass.

Code: 0212 - "The Cavern"

Desinger: Dok-Sin

Like stepping into a cave in the wild lands, this room offers both rugged beauty and versatility. Dok-Sin grew up in a home similar to this, and he has brought the memory of that home into his work here.

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